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    Your opinion counts

    JPR’s UK research panel is one of the most innovative initiatives happening in social research about religious or ethnic minorities anywhere in the world. It enables us to monitor Jewish opinion on a wide range of topics, thereby contributing essential evidence to help address key issues facing Jews across the country. Find out how you can participate by clicking on the "Read more" button below.?read more

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    Did Jews in the UK die disproportionately from COVID-19?
    Author(s): Daniel Staetsky, Brigitta Horup and Carli Lessof
    Date: 21 June 2021

    By examining the data on Jewish mortality over the course of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, this study provides vital evidence about how religious sociability played a key role in how British Jews, and indeed other religious minorities, experienced coronavirus.

    Lasting effects: Experiences of COVID-19 and Long COVID symptoms among Jews in the UK
    Author(s): David Graham and Jonathan Boyd
    Date: 25 May 2021

    In this sixth paper on the findings of our first COVID-19 survey, we investigate the prevalence of COVID-19 infections and 'Long COVID' among Jews in the UK. The report aims to help understand how the pandemic has impacted Jews in the UK and make a contribution to medical research.

    Jewish employment patterns: How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Jewish people’s working lives
    Author(s): David Graham, Jonathan Boyd and Carli Lessof
    Date: 16 March 2021

    In this fifth paper on the findings of our COVID-19 survey, we explore the effects of the pandemic on the working lives of Jews. Designed to help support community planning efforts, the study has a particular emphasis on the issues of unemployment, redundancy, furlough and other significant work disruptions.

    Moving beyond COVID-19: What needs to be done to help preserve and enhance Jewish communal life?
    Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
    Date: 09 March 2021

    This paper draws together much of the research work related to the coronavirus pandemic that JPR has undertaken and utilised, and makes recommendations about how senior Jewish community leaders and investors should help to preserve and strengthen Jewish communal life going forward.

    Jewish community income: How is it being affected by the pandemic?
    Author(s): David Graham, Jonathan Boyd and Carli Lessof
    Date: 07 January 2021

    Our COVID-19 survey programme looks at the impact of the pandemic on the lives of Jews across the UK. In this fourth paper on the findings, we explore its effects on investments in the community infrastructure, through charitable giving, and fees to synagogues and schools.

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